John Jeremiah Ahearne


Bond Street, Wimpole Street, oxford street, and Marylebone

The Approach

The approach is integrative, meaning that I draw on and integrate the training I have had in modalities such as humanistic, psychodynamic, and therapeutic relational theories and applications.

In the work, I lean heavily towards a psychodynamic / psychoanalytical framework - which means exploring the roots of your history - which is unique to you.

At the centre of my approach is the cultivating of a secure, safe, and confidential therapeutic environment and relationship. This is key to building a strong therapeutic alliance with clients; it is the bedrock of therapeutic progress, and it must always be a harmless co-created space between therapist and client.

This safe co-created space allows the client to look at perhaps a different way of being; a different way of reacting; to reveal a different narrative than the one that has perhaps caused hurt and pain.

I do not see myself as an expert, you are the expert on you; rather I see myself as a skilled helper in your journey.

“The harvest of psychotherapy is not cure - surely, in our field, that is an illusion - but instead change or growth.”

– Irvin D. Yalom

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

– Confucius

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